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Kangana Ranaut practiced black magic on my son: Shekhar Suman

Shekhar Suman recently stirred up controversy when he came forward and backed his son Adhyayan’s claims that he was a victim of Kangana Ranaut’s physical, mental abuse and also that she had performed black magic on him. Adhyayan had also claimed that his ex-girlfriend harboured a one-sided obsession with Hrithik Roshan while the Kaho Na Pyaar Hai actor harboured no feelings for her.

Kangana Ranaut
The two were former lovers

Adhyayan’s father Shekhar Suman came forward and laid credence to his son’s claims when he said that they had recovered strange items from Adhyayan’s drawer.

“Supari, some coins and other weird things” were how he defined the items that were found from Adhyayan’s drawer. They consulted a priest who confirmed their suspicion that their son was the victim of black magic.

“I called family’s panditji and they (the priests) confirmed that Adhyayan was hypnotised. From his eyes it seemed either he was a drugged or was under the influence of someone,” disclosed Shekhar Suman.

Shekhar also disclosed how his son was ill-treated by Kangana Ranaut at award shows and all where she refused to acknowledge his presence and did not even give him credit for supporting her.

“Kangana took Adhyayan to Filmfare awards, but Adhyayan was falling back 15 feets from Kangana as though he was some bodyguard to her. She was giving interviews and he was standing behind her. I felt so horrible for my son, I must have died thousand deaths. She didn’t even look at him. Eventually, when she went on stage she thanked every one except Adhyayan,” he said.


Shekhar’s wife Alka cited an incident in which she alleged that Kangana beat up her son and locked him inside her house. She also alleged that her son decided to leave Kangana after he encountered the intimate messages she had sent to Hrithik while still being in a relationship with her son.

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana has been involved in a public dispute recently with Hrithik Roshan



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