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Kangana Ranaut taunts Hrithik Roshan yet again

Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan have been in the news ever since their ugly spat came to light. The situation turned grim when Hrithik Roshan sent his former girlfriend a legal notice in which he claimed she was stalking him. Kangana’s lawyer replied back with a legal notice from his client as well and ever since then, things have gotten quite out of hand.

However, it seems that Kangana Ranaut has not had her fill of taunts to Hrithik Roshan. The Bollywood actress was at the Young India National Summit and was answering questions from audience members. In response to a question (and lots of hoots) as to how she would like to be proposed to, Kangana said:-

“Well, I’d like for the guy to not send me legal notices!”

That definitely cracked up the audience and was followed by some more hoots. She finally got serious and said:-

“Well, if you do want to propose to me send me some flowers and some Ghalib ki shairi. That’s it.”

She was then asked by the moderator if she believed in India’s legal system, to which the actress said:-

“You have to believe it. If you’re slapped with a notice, you have to reply. For all you know, they’ve taken you to jail or something,” she said.



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