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Kangana Ranaut wants Hrithik Roshan arrested for sharing private photos

It seems as if the feud between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut will not die down. In a letter to the Mumbai police commissioner, Kangana’s legal counsel alleged that her client’s private photographs and emails were being leaked by Hrithik Roshan and shown to ‘third parties’.

As reported by a leading Indian website, the Queen actress’ attorney alleged in a letter to the Commissioner of Police that Roshan had ‘malafidely and mischievously’ leaked private emails and photographs of her. These pictures and emails were from the time both actors were in a relationship with each other.

The letter also calls upon the Commissioner to take action against Hrithik and arrest him under section 151 of the Indian Penal Code, while stating that it was the police’s duty to probe the matter as stated in section 149 and 150 of the IPC.

Things took a turn for the worse between both former co-stars and alleged lovers when Hrithik said in a tweet that he had more of a chance having an affair with the pope than some of the ladies being named by the media. It was a slight at Kangana who responded in kind by calling Hrithik a ‘jealous ex’.

Since then, the two have dragged each other into an ugly public dispute, with both artists sending each other legal notices.



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