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Kanye and Taylor Swift may collaborate to diss Katy Perry!

The irony in the situation is too much to handle. Who doesn’t remember Kanye West’s extremely rude interruption during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for the Best Female Video award at the VMA 2009? Well, all of that seems to be in the past as the two established musicians from differing genres seemed to bond backstage at the Brits Award. Not only that, the two might reportedly be releasing an unfriendly track towards Taylor’s arch-nemesis, Katy Perry.

Kanye West and Taylor Swift- from foes to friends

Taylor Swift had released a song titled Bad Blood from her recent album 1989. Although it hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, but the lyrics point to her feud with Katy Perry. Following that, things took a turn for the worse when Katy Perry subliminally insulted Swift at her Super Bowl halftime performance. Katy’s performance included all her backup dancers dressed in polka dot bikinis- an apparent jibe at Taylor Swift (pictures of her in a polka dot bikini, had been mocked at a few years ago). The reason for Taylor and Katy feuding in the first place were backup dancers. Taylor claimed in an interview with Rolling Stone that an ‘ex female friend’ had stolen her backup dancers just when her tour was about to commence. Katy had responded in kind by tweeting “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing.”

Kanye West, a renowned producer and rapper, just might feature on the track or produce it for all we know. The rapper has his own controversies and feuds to take care of. Being true to his controversial persona, Kim Kardashian’s husband rushed to the stage in a bid to interrupt Beck when he beat out Beyonce for Album of the Year award during the recent Grammys. However, the rapper stopped himself in time from giving Beck a piece of his mind.

Kanye West Stormed the Stage (Again!) When… by EntertainmentTonight

Whether the duo who have turned from bitter foes to allies in the recent years, will produce a Bad Blood remix or a fresh song altogether, remains to be seen. However, one thing is definitely for sure; the Swift-Perry feud is far from ending anytime soon!



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