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Kapil Sharma pooh-poohs reports of fight with Sunil Grover

Indian comedian Kapil Sharma has dismissed the media reports of his fight with co-star Sunil Grover.

There have been complaints from colleagues of the comedian-turned-actor ‘s attitude problem at set of Kapil Sharma Show. Once he has reportedly even hurled a shoe at Sunil, but his mid-air fight with Sunil Grover in March made a lot of buzz on social media and since than nothing seems to fall into place for the Comedian actor.

Neither of them so far broke their silence on the subject as to what truly led to fall out between them.

However, at the trailer launch of his upcoming flick Firangi, Kapil finally opened up on Monday on the alleged spat with Grover to clarify the issue. To a query, he simply refused having any argument with Grover.

“In fact, I never had an argument with Sunil,” he said adding that “My mood was very bad since reaching Australia as someone from the film crew had died and I tried to meet Maansaab, which could not happen. I became so nervous and negative. The only positivity was Maansaab. When the show was starting there in Australia, we were only two people.

“I had a fight with a childhood friend (not Sunil Grover). However, nobody knew about it because that wasn’t famous.”

Kapil said he had a brawl with Chandan Prabhakar — another comedian from the team of his show.

“I abused Chandan and so did he. Sunil Grover got angry because I shouted at someone in the flight. He is someone I love the most in the show. Wherever he is, I hope he’s happy, and I know he loves me,” he said.

Sunil Grover had recently said, “What you say is perceived to be the truth and how you see facts might not really be true, and can sound demeaning for the other person. With Kapil, I’ve had a great association, and I have deep gratitude for the platform we shared.”



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