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Kapil Sharma used to report very late for his show: Source

However, a source close to the comedian came up with a new rumour and said that Kapil used to report very late for his show, which ultimately irked the management of Colors TV. This was stated by a source regarding Kapil Sharma’s attitude:-

“Getting dates from him for the shoot was a problem and even when he did, he would report very late for the shoot, at times upto five hours! Since the show had a live audience on the set it would become a big problem.”

According to the source, Kapil Sharma was also demanding money which amounted to being equivalent to two episodes, when he was hosting the show only once a week. But even that did not create a tiff with the channel, since they understood that with his stardom the show was a monster hit. They were ready to pay him what he was asking but the comedian was harassing the channel with his unwillingness to give dates.

Colors TV CEO Raj Nayak had earlier stated that Kapil and the management were having problems owing to a few of the people that he was surrounded with. 



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