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Kapoor and Sons trailer is out–and Fawad Khan is amazing in it!

Anticipating fans had long been expecting Fawad Khan’s Kapoor and Sons trailer to release. The Pakistani heartthrobs admirers from both India and Pakistan were quite sure of his prowess and knew he’d absolutely kill it with Sidharth and Alia. No doubt, that he definitely does.

The trailer of the movie was released yesterday, providing viewers with a brief insight into the Kapoor family that consists of Mr. Kapoor, the Kapoor parents and the Kapoor grandsons. The plot begins with the two Kapoor brothers, who have returned home after five long years to a shocker–their parents’ marriage is about to go down in the dumps. Trouble also brews on their front and the bromance turns into bitter rivalry as soon as Alia Bhatt steps into the frame. With both Kapoor brothers smitten by the petite lady, a rivalry pits them both against each other.

Mr. Kapoor (Rishi) is the most concerned among the family members, as he wants everyone to make piece. Despite the humorous dialogues and the pranks both brothers pull, the movie has its serious sequences. Fawad Khan and Sidharth Malhotra’s fighting sequence and the former getting slapped are also part of the trailer.

With the release of Kapoor and Sons trailer, expectations of fans have heightened from the movie. Will it be as good as the trailer itself? Kapoor and Sons releases on March 18.



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