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Karachi’s air quality index improves under coronavirus lockdown

KARACHI: The Air Quality Index of the Karachi has improved significantly following the lockdown in Sindh due to novel coronavirus, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

According to a report, the Air Quality Index of the city has improved as the traffic on roads has reduced while markets, malls and factories have been closed under a 15-days lockdown.

Karachi has been currently placed at the 21st spot in the world in terms of air quality.

Sindh government had imposed a complete lockdown for 15 days from March 23 in order to contain and curb further spread of coronavirus.

According to reports, there are 417 confirmed coronavirus cases in Sindh and over 1000 across Pakistan.

Experts have said that air quality is improving in countries under coronavirus quarantines, but it is far too early to speak of long-term change.

Images by the US space agency NASA are clear, in February the concentration of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) fell dramatically in Wuhan, China, the epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic, passing from an indicator that was red/orange to blue.

NO2 is mainly produced by vehicles, industrial sites and thermal power stations.

Beijing experienced episodes of pollution owing to fine particles in February, NASA’s Earth Observatory reported.

The air in Paris was also rated as moderately polluted Friday owing to the presence of fine particles and NO2 even though the population had already been confined at home for three days.



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