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Karachi bus attackers also confess killing Sabeen Mehmood

Police yesterday apprehended four terrorists who had orchestrated the gruesome Karachi bus attack which left the nation in deep shock on May 13 with the brutal killing of 47 Ismailies – a peaceful community known for their services in education and medical fields among others.

Safoora CCTV Footage by arynews

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The suspects including the mastermind of the attack confessed to have planned the attack, while they also admitted to have shot dead Sabeen Mehmood.

A top official of the Karachi Police told that elements affiliated with banned religious outfit were behind the killing of Mehmood and that she was killed for being a ‘liberal woman’.

Her killing had nothing to do with the Baluchistan Issue, he added.



On the other hand, ARY News today obtained the CCTV footage of the Karachi bus attack in which the attackers can easily be seen riding on three motorbikes and a car to their backup.




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