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Karachi City of Lights festival captivates all with impressive opening day

Guests from all walks of life and varying ages, showed up to the venue (which was Fomma Trust DHA Art centre at Zamzama Park. The day kicked off by an entertaining and important storytelling session by Kahani Walay from National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA). After the storytelling session had concluded, the audience was delighted with an enchanting musical performance by Yusuf Kerai and Shehroze Hussain, who performed with the tabla and sitaar.

Next in line was a performance by the Platoon Improvisation Theater, who had the audience roaring with laughter via their comedy-drama act titled Two Views of A Bridge. The crowd also flocked to see the impressive art exhibitions that were displayed for all to see by artists such as Marvi Mazhar, Aziza Ahmad, Maliha Hasan Gazan and Khaula Jamil. Photography by Tapu Javeri and CAP co-President Amean J was also put on display.




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