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Karachi: Customs capture over 400 missing Nato containers

Customs intelligence personnel conducted raids at scores of privately-owned warehouses in Cattle Colony, Mauripur and other areas of the metropolis and recovered more than 400 containers meant for supplies to Nato and US troops in Afghanistan.

In most of the containers only concrete blocks and stones found as the consignment items were missing, officials said. In two containers spare parts of helicopters and other items were found.

According to sources, Customs officials have submitted report about the recovery to the higher authorities.

In a raid yesterday the law enforcement agencies found stolen Nato goods from Mauripur area of Karachi.

Some months ago important gadgets and sensitive equipments gone missing from International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) containers en-route to Germany from Karachi.

Earlier, reports about thousands missing containers were also emerged in media and the matter was also taken during the Supreme Court hearing of a case regarding law and order situation in Karachi.



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