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Karachi domestic worker mysteriously plunges to death from 7th storey

KARACHI: After the locals expressed wonderment and indignation over a female domestic worker’s fatal fall on Thursday from the 7th storey of a residential building near Cantt Station the police began probe from the family of the house as to how could the deceased accidentally fall from a considerably small windowpane in the grill, ARY News reported.

Earlier it was reported that the locals had stopped rescue officials from immediately shifting the body to hospital as they had suspicions over the mystery of the fall.

Police, however, have deemed the event an accident in the preliminary investigation as they find no reason behind the possible suicide of the deceased domestic worker.

We have interrogated the members of the family present at the moment and other help into the matter, said the police. They added the victim was doing cleaning of the room with the terrace and prima facie she accidentally fell from the window as there was a chair suggesting she climbed it.

She has footprints on the chair which might indicate she reached the falling point after jumping the chair.

READ: CTD claims to arrest two alleged terrorists of local nationalist group

Separately today in the port city, the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) of Sindh Police has detained at least two alleged Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army (SRA) terrorists while leading a raid in Old Sabzi Mandi area.

According to the developments unfolding, the operation was in collaboration with Sindh Rangers as well.

The CTD unit said the alleged terrorists are involved in ambush attacks on Rangers vehicles and have launched hand grenades at check posts as well.

They belong to SRA Asghar Shah group, claimed CTD’s Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Arif Aziz following the arrests.



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