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Hearing in Dr. Asim case postponed till April 7

According to details, Dr. Asim was not presented at first in front of the court. The Investigation Officer of the case as well as the head of the medical board was also not present.

However, Dr. Asim was later presented before the court. Two separate references have been filed against the former petroleum minister for misuse of power and financial embezzlement. One reference of corruption and financial embezzlement amounts to Rs. 462 billion while the other is of Rs. 13 billion.

Dr. Asim’s legal counsel has filed a bail petition at the Sindh High Court.

Dr. Asim’s lawyers had maintained at earlier proceedings that his client was mentally ill and was having psychological issues due to his imprisonment. The former petroleum minister is a close aide of former president and PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari.



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