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KARACHI: Extortion at its peak in a unique way

Law enforcement agencies remained unsuccessful to counter the culprits involved in the crime of extortion rather it’s increasing with the Eid getting nearer.

According to ARY News, this time extortionists are adopting a unique method by offering discount on the extortion money.

Moreover, extortionists giving a message to traders that ‘do some charity for your business and family by paying the amount of extortion’. It further states that the amount received in term of extortion is being utilized in the works of social service or being used as an investment in any company.

They further messaged that co-operate with us in this time of difficulty or be ready to bear severe consequences.

One of the extortionist mentioned address of Garden Police line for the transfer of extortion money.

Leader of Karachi Traders Ateeq Mir complained that no practical measure has been taken yet against the extortion as per announcement made by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.



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