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Fire tenders run out of supplies as raging blaze engulfs Karachi factory

KARACHI: The fire incident earlier on Monday in a factory near Valika Chowrangi of Karachi’s District West raged on engulfing a large section of the factory in its blaze, ARY News reported.

As the fire that erupted on the ground floor and surged to engulf completely the first floor of the factory as well, the rescue teams to put the blaze out reported scarcity of resources. They had to employ water tankers to aid their efforts.

The fire brigade officials noted that factory employees were rescued out of the building and assured there has not been any casualty reported in the incident.

Rescue teams have, however, admitted they could not find the cause of the fire.

It may be noted that most of the fire tenders present in Karachi to beat conflagration have broken down while only nine are still functional for the entire metropolis.

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Some of the broken down tenders which had gone for the repair are to date awaited to return. Which makes the incidence of fire eruption further catastrophic as there practically will be no tenders available in the entire metropolis if the blaze breaks out in more than one place.

Just today there were two incidents in two different districts of Karachi, in South and in the West, including Valika Chowrangi one. The resources ran out, as feared and the latter blaze still rages on.



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