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Demonstration goes wrong: Police officer accidentally explodes hand grenade in Karachi ATC

A hand grenade which was presented by the police in the court as case property in an explosives case went off inside the courtroom.

It all happened when, during  a hearing, the judge asked, “How does a hand grenade explode?”

A police officer, who was representing his department, pull the pin on a grenade thinking it wont work. The judge immediately interrupted asking if it could be exploded.

The cop replied, ” No it wont. And in the meanwhile, the grenade went off, sending the entire courtroom into panic and shock.

According to sources, the grenade, which was recovered from a terrorist, had not been defused before bringing to the court.

Sindh Home Minister Sohail Anwar Sial has directed Karachi Police’s Additional IG to conduct an inquiry and take stern action against officials involved in the negligence.

Minor blast in Anti Terrorism Court Karachi by arynews
While talking to the media, home minister said a standard operation procedure had been set up to neutralise the explosives before bringing them to the court which was not followed by the officials in this case.



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