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Karachi: Large consignment of arms captured

KARACHI: The law enforcement agencies on Wednesday foiled a major terrorist attack plot in Karachi by capturing a large consignment of arms and explosives in the city, ARY News reported.

The law enforcement personnel captured the weapons and explosives kept hidden in the water tank of a house in Azizabad.


The law enforcement officials conducted raid at a house in Block-8 of Azizabad near Nine Zero headquarter of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), on the indication of an arrested suspect, sources said.


The consignment of the arms and explosives included 250 rocket launcher shells, anti-aircraft gun, sub-machine guns (SMGs), hundreds of bullets, TT pistols and large number of other small and large weapons, police officials said.


No arrests made during the police raid. Investigation agencies inquiring about the elements behind the arms consignment most likely to be used in terrorism incidents in the city.



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