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LEAs capture nine large caches of arms since Sept in Karachi

KARACHI: It seems people of Karachi sitting on powder keg as nine large caches of weapons have been captured from various parts of the metropolis since last September, ARY News reported.

The law enforcement agencies have recovered the arms pile ups from a water tank, houses, shops, garbage bins, graveyards and main holes of Karachi since September 9.

A raid was conducted at a house in Block-8 of Azizabad near Nine Zero headquarter of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Octorber 5 and a huge cache of arms and ammunitions recovered.

The caches of the arms and explosives included 250 rocket launcher shells, anti-aircraft gun, sub-machine guns (SMGs), hundreds of bullets, TT pistols and large number of other small and large weapons.

In a raid in Old Golimar the law enforcement personnel captured a cache of arms including 70 IEDs, 11 rocket launchers, five Light Machines Guns (LMGs), two repeaters, three pistols, one 7mm rifle and a sub-machine gun, M-16 rifles, IEDs and around fifty thousand bullets.

The Rangers on September 9 in a raid in Lyari captured a LMG, six SMGs, a 7mm rifle and a 44 bore gun.

In a raid in Aligarh Colony, the Rangers recovered from a main hole near the sector office of a political party a Kalashnikov, eight 9 mm and 7 mm rifles, sniper rifles and bullet proof jackets.

The rangers unearthed a consignment of weapons buried in Musharraf Colony of the city. The arms included a G-3, five sub-machine guns (SMGs) and two 8 mm rifles, which were covered in envelopes. Moreover, 14 magazines and 5000 rounds of various weapons were also recovered.

In Qasba Colony a large sum of weapons kept underground by the activists of a political party were unearthed. The recovered weapons included seven rifles and nine-millimeter pistols. Large quantity of the different caliber bullets were also recovered as well.



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