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KARACHI: Mother of six ready to sell her children for money

According to details, a woman named Maryam arrived at the Karachi Press Club to sell her six children for money. The impoverished woman disclosed that she was a resident of Hyderabad and that her husband was an employee of a private company. She also revealed that her husband’s income was too less for them to keep their family from starving.

Maryam also stated that she was living with her six children and husband in a house for which they were paying rent. She bemoaned that her family was burdened with a debt amounting to Rs. 250,000 and that they hadn’t been able to pay the rent for the past several months.

“Hence, I have arrived in Karachi to sell my children,” she said. “I am helpless, that is the only reason I have decided to take this drastic measure.”




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