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Karachi operation non-political and will spare no target killer, criminal, extortionist

He was addressing a seminar on the topic of peace at the National Defence University.

Gen Mukhtar regretted the absence of infrastructure in Karachi and the trade of even basic facilities. The Corps Commander also asked to name a kind of mafia which was not active in the city.

“Karachi Operation is entirely non-political and the concept of state within a state will have to be ended,” he asserted. “Terrorists, target killers and extortionists in the megapolis will not be spared.”

He said that terrorism, killing, kidnapping and land-grabbing have considerably reduced in the city, while the stock market also flourished after the operation here.

“People will witness peaceful days here, followed by weeks and months of harmony,” he vowed.

Moreover, he stressed on keeping police and administration free of any kind of interference, and to promote merit and accountability.



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