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Karachi: Pangolin causes panic among residents, taken into custody by police

The Pangolin was measured to be between two and three feet long. The animal was found from within a residential lane near Islamia College, whereupon residents called the police. Police officials took the animal into their custody and transferred it to Jamshed Quarter Police Station. Below are some pictures of the animal and its various species found around the world:-





Police stated that upon finding the rare animal, zoo authorities were called but they failed to arrive. Hence, the Pangolin will be handed over to zoo authorities when they would arrive at the police station to retrieve the animal. As soon as the animal was transferred to the police station, a huge quantity of police officials and local residents showed up to catch a glimpse of it. Found in India and Pakistan, the Indian Pangolin is a harmless and rare animal whose species is near extinction.

Pangolin is a rare animal who is from a species of ant eating animals. It is harmless for human beings, in the sense that its diet is composed mainly of insects, ants and termites. It has a lengthy mouth and a long, thin tongue and when it senses danger, it curls up into a ball. It is included among the list of animals who are feared to be nearing extinction.

Due to ignorance and non-awareness, people in Pakistan tend to kill this animal, fearing it may be harmful.

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