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Police Chief orders change of automatic weapons, ban on exhibition

KARACHI: Police chief of Karachi Dr. Amir Shaikh, in an official memo has ordered Patrolling Police officials to change their automatic weapons.

This order has been issued after multiple incidents of accidental shootings were reported.

The notice further ordered the officials to avoid unnecessary exhibition of the automatic weapons in front of civilians as it causes a sense of unease and fear.

The notice instructs that all automatic weapons presently carried for squad duty, patrolling and at police posts are to be exchanged at local police stations.

Rescue 15 and designated Police Motorcycle patrol officials are also ordered to exchange their weapons at local police stations.

Police Chief Shaikh has further ordered that the machine guns being carried by the security officials during motorcycle patrol will be exchanged with pistols or revolvers, while the policemen patrolling in vans will be issued one automatic weapon along with pistols.

The policemen deployed at pickets and checkpoints will also be issued an automatic weapon along with a pistol.

Policemen posted at Rescue 15 mobiles, will also be issued one automatic weapon along with one pistol, the police chief ordered.



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