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Karachi: Police yet to trace 15 guns used in 43 murders

KARACHI: Recovery of 15 untraced guns used in 43 murder incidents in the city has become an unending challenge for the Police, sources said.

The law enforcement agencies despite achieving several successes during the operation to improve the law and order in the city, have failed to recover these arms which have been used in 43 killing incidents in the metropolis and have thrown a formidable challenge to the law enforcement officials.

The police has compiled a list of 15 guns that have been used in several killings in various parts of the city in past two years.

According to police sources, these untraced murder arms included four 30 bore pistols and 11 nine mm guns.

These arms have been used for targeted killings, sectarian murders and killings due to old enmity, police sources said.

These 15 arms have been used in 43 crime incidents, sources said. Police has arrested some of the accused of these crimes but the law enforcement agencies have failed to recover the murder weapons, sources added.



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