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Karachi: Religious parties pick quarrel outside press club

At least two persons sustained injuries in the clash between a religious political party and religious students’ organisation. The injured activists were moved to a nearby hospital.

Police personnel were also stationed at the spot, but did not move to defuse the tension.

The clash erupted after both the sides exchanged hot words and quarrel ensued.

Protest against Blasphemy: clash occurred… by arynews

The activists of protesting parties were present outside the press club in large numbers, however as soon as their scuffling started, then seniors of the press club and leaders of both the sides’ intervened fearing violent outburst.

Later, one protesting party left the spot, thus bringing down the mob temper.

Countrywide protests were staged today in different cities against French magazine Charlie Hebdo after it published blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), provoking sentiments of Muslims across the world.



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