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Karachi back to life

KARACHI: Normalcy started limping back to Karachi today after MQM appealed traders and transporters on late Wednesday night to resume their routine activities and operations across the city, ARY News reported.

 In a press briefing at MQM protest camp at Numaish interaction, Deputy Convener MQM Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui appealed Sindh traders and transporters to restore their routine operations of life and business.

 Dr Khalid announced the decision of MQM Coordination Committee along with Deputy Convener Dr Nusrat, Deputy Convener Nasir Jamal and other members. He said Rabita Committee had decided to start to normalize life but the sits-in throughout the country would continue.

 He thanked people of Pakistan, especially citizens, Sindh traders and transporters, industrialists, shopkeepers, politicians, social and religious personalities, school owners, and people from all other walks of life for their handful cooperation. He also thanked to the sit-in participants across the country and reaffirmed to continue till next decision.

MQM workers and supporters have been staging sit-in in Karachi and other parts of the country from Tuesday night against arrest of their party head in London over money-laundering charges. Routine activities came to a grinding halt in Karachi during mid-day on Tuesday when news of Altaf’s arrest spread through TV channels.



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