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Karachi scorches at 43 degrees: year’s highest temperature for the city!

Throughout the world today, May 1st is being marked as International Labor Day. However, Karachi recorded its warmest day of the year 2015 today, when the temperature read 43º. Karachiites had seemingly difficulty coping with the harsh weather, which is part of the heatwave which has captivated the city throughout the month of April.

According to the Metrological department of Pakistan, during the next 48 hours Pakistanis should brace themselves for a hot and dry weather. During the last 24 hours these were the country’s cities that recorded the highest temperatures:-

Turbat 46°C, Sh.Benazirabad, Hyderabad, Padidan, Moen jo daro, Dadu 45°C, Lasbella, Larkana, Sukkur, Mithi, Chhor, Jacobabad 44°C (each).

The met department also further specified that the heatwave is bound to continue during the month of May. After May passes however, the heat is expected to falter and a comparatively cooler temperature can be expected. The relentless heat proved to be too much for Karachiites who took to the sea in order to cool off and consumed cold beverages in large quantities. Even the animals at Karachi Zoo seemed to be stifled by the heat. The publicl largely availed the May Day holiday and preferred to stay indoors due to the sizzling temperature.




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