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Karachi’s major thoroughfare still submerged after water pipeline burst

According to details, an 84-inch diameter water supply line ruptured near Karachi’s University Road resulting in the flow of millions of gallons of water.

The roads in the area were still submerged by Sunday morning, making vehicular traffic movement a difficult.

Water 1

The Karachi Water and Sewerage Board said the repair of the pipeline could take at least two days and disruption of water supply was feared in some of the adjoining areas.

Around 100 million gallons of water was wasted after the pipeline burst.

water 2

The staff of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation was seen clearing the lines, while the water accumulated on majority of the roads could not be drained out.

The water inundated nearby roads offering severe difficulties for the traffic to pass through. Some vehicles stuck after running out of fuel, while others broke down after water seeped into different parts.

Water 3

People were forced to cross the road walking through the water.

The areas affected due to rupturing of supply line included Jamshed Town, PECHS, Lyari and others, while water supply to Gulshan Iqbal Town was completely suspended.



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