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Extreme hot weather continues in Karachi on fourth day

The city undergoing a heat spell again as the meteorologists have warned that the scorching heat in the metropolis could soar to maximum 41 degree Celsius.

Sindh’s Director Health informed the media that seven patients of heat stroke were admitted at the city’s hospitals on Friday.

The temperature soared to maximum 39 degree Celsius on Saturday against the previous weather forecasts for the day. The recent weather reports placed maximum temperature in the city today at 39 degrees Celsius with zero precipitation, 16 percent humidity and wind speed at 26 kilometers per hour.

Hyderabad and Nawabshah districts of Sindh also undergoing the spell of extremely hot weather. The maximum temperature in Nawabshah reached to 43 degree Celsius today.

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) officials have said that October will be mostly a hot month.

The city officials have advised the residents to take precautionary measure while going out.

In the deadly heatwave in June this year around 1500 people had died due to heatstroke and other heat-related health conditions.

The doctors have advised the citizens of Karachi to adopt necessary precautions to avoid hazards of a heatwave from Wednesday to Oct 2.

The people have been asked to ensure regular water intake while the elderly have especially been advised to avoid direct exposure to the sun.

The doctors have advised the people to cover their heads with wet cloth with maximum intake of water. In case of power outages people must go out of the rooms of their houses to the open space, the medics said.

The doctors have also said that the use of anti-depression drugs is hazardour in the extremely hot weather.



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