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Karachi to install 1000 CCTV cameras across city: IG Sindh

It was decided to install cameras at more than 200 specific spots in the city for which 1000 cameras of ten megapixels would be purchased. The Inspector-General ordered for a feasibility report to be submitted to him within three days.

It was also discussed about the areas which have extensive coverage, and the major roads and thoroughfares which do not have adequate coverage. IG Sindh ordered that there will be strict vigilance and monitoring of the city on Eid-ul-Fitr.

He said that there were making use of crime analysis methods which including the timings, duration and the nature of the crime and there was a need to develop a plan for it.

He said that a further 7000 CCTV cameras would be required for which several proposals were being requested before being approved by the government of Sindh.

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