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Karachi trader killed in broad daylight; footage shows

The auto trader Sohail Anwar was killed on Saturday, January 24, on Kashmir Road.

The CCTV footage aired on ARY News shows two criminals on a bike stopping the unfortunate trader’s car on the busy Kashmir Road within the jurisdiction of Jamshed Road police station.

The killer after making the trader stop the car, ordered him to lower the door glass. Anwar refused, upon which the criminal fired upon the door glass forcing the trader to lower it.

As soon as Anwar lowers the glass, the murderer killed him on the spot by shooting him in face.

The footage clearly shows the target killer walking away from the scene without the fear of being apprehended or even being nabbed by the crowd on the busy road.

Traders in Karachi have been through hell in the past few years with cases like kidnapping for ransom, extortion, murders for not paying extortion and constant bullying by different terrorist groups operating without fear in the city.

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