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Ayyan Ali’s presence at Karachi University event creates furore on social media

Twitteratis tweeted their views, mostly revolving around castigation of the KU, and questioned the varsity move for inviting Ms Ali as the guest of honour.

The supermodel was invited by the Department of Public Administration to inaugurate a joint venture of two students of the department meant to help disabled people by donating a certain amount of percentage from their profits.


Fury on social media




Ayyan Ali, said in her Facebook post, “They invited me as the Chief Guest to do the inauguration for this amazing social cause. After my team did some research on ChipsNDips we all were truly impressed with their activities so far because at this young age they are studying, working and helping out needy people which is definitely not an easy task to do.”



In a veiled message without mentioning the money laundering case she was embroiled in, Ali urged the students that “they should not create their perception about anything on the basis of rumors they should inquire the real facts and then move forward with their vision.”


She was also awarded an ‘Appreciation Shield’ at the end of the ceremony.

The supermodel was arrested at Islamabad’s Benazir Bhutto International Airport on March 14 on charges of money laundering after being caught with over half a million dollars by customs officials.

She was released from the jail after 122 days on bail.





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