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Karachi visit: PM Nawaz gives directives on several key issues

Whether its restoration of peace in Karachi, Metro Bus project or the water scarcity – Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif’s direct instructions have surely posed a political challenge for the PPP-MQM coalition government in Sindh.

At first, trader fraternity’s complaints about no reduction in extortion and kidnappings for ransom, were actually an indirect complaint of the Government of Sindh before PM Nawaz, while the Prime Minister directed the authorities to resolve these issues.

Afterwards, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif approved the Metro Bus project for Karachi and directed for speeding up the completion of Lyari Express Way and the construction of Karachi Circular Railway.

Meanwhile, he also gave instructions for a water plant to increase supply to the metropolis, in order to meet the demand of its huge population.

Under this situation, it seemed like as if all the affairs of the Government of Sindh were being run by the Prime Minister himself and this was surely the strategy of the PMLN that PM Nawaz should directly take measures on key issues of Karachi, and to give a message that PMLN has the solution to the problems of the financial hub of the country.

It is yet to be seen how Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and its allies respond to this political strategy.



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