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Karachi water supply from Hub Dam stops completely

According to details, the water level had stooped to its dead level in the dam, since the Hub Dam had not received rainfall. As a result, the water supply to Karachi from the dam was completely stopped. According to sources at the Water Board, for the central and western districts, more than ten crore gallons of water are supplied. Due to the water level declining in Hub Dam, the western district areas that are likely to be affected are Baldia Town, Mawach Goth, Orangi Town and S.I.T.E area. The central district of Karachi includes the areas of North Nazimabad, Nazimabad, Paposh Nagar, Liaquatabad and other areas.

The Water Board has not carried out proper measures in order to deal with the situation and due to the resulting water crisis, tanker mafia is taking full advantage of the situation and selling water at exorbitant rates. According to the Water Board, Karachi is being supplied 55 crore gallons of water by the Indus River whereas the city’s total requirement is 110 crore gallons of water. Due to this, a 50% shortfall of water exists in Karachi.



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