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Karachi woman selling Zinger burgers for Rs100 goes viral for a reason

KARACHI: A woman from Karachi has gone viral on social media platforms who sells standard Zinger burger at just Rs100 at her food stall established inside a vehicle at Guru Mandir Road, ARY News reported.

For fast-food lovers, the Zinger burger is a popular product among the Karachiites of all age groups, however, low-salaried and middle-class people usually avoid heading towards expensive hotels and restaurants.

Because of the difficulties to the low-salaried persons, a Karachi woman Sharifa Ijaz established a food stall where she sells standard and tasty Zinger burger at a low price.

The food stall established inside a vehicle, Sharifa Ijaz, sells Zinger burger at just Rs100 who strongly believes in hard-working to face every challenge of life.

While talking to ARY News programme Sham-e-Ramzan, Ms Ijaz said that the food stall was initially started by her husband, however, the financial situation has worsened due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

She continued that after the health of her husband worsens, she takes over the charge of the business and starts selling the burgers. While explaining the difficulties she faced to settle the food setup, Ms Ijaz said that she has changed four to five spots during the last five months.

She revealed the reasons that sometimes the district administration created an issue and on other spots, she faced problems from the police officials and sometimes shopkeepers asked her to clear the spots.

She was of the view that not every person could afford Zinger burger, hence she decided to sell it at a low price but with the standard taste.

Those purchasing burger from her food stall have appreciated her courage and hardworking amid the tough days. The buyers said that they are having the best Zinger burger at the lowest price.

Her children said that their mother works with passion and they are lucky to have such a great mother who works hard for their education from morning to late at night.



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