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Director Karachi Zoo suspended over charging excessive parking fee

KARACHI: Director of the Karachi Zoo Khalid Hashmi was on Sunday suspended by Sindh Minister for Information Syed Nasir Hussain Shah under charges of receiving an extra amount for parking fee, ARY NEWS reported.

The provincial minister has taken notice of the complaints regarding Rs100 being charged for the parking fee at the Karachi Zoo rather than the amount approved by the authorities that is Rs 30.

Besides suspending the director, Nasir Shah also directed to arrest the parking staffers over their involvement in the entire matter. “SSP South should arrest the parking staff and register a case against them,” he said.

It is pertinent to mention here that reports of irregularities at zoos across the country have been reported from time to time.

On January 24, wildlife authorities in Lahore were found to be involved in selling 14 lions present in the Safari Zoo at a minimal price, Rs150,000 each, a price even less than the rate of a cow.

According to details, it emerged that the wildlife officials sold 14 lions present in the Safari Zoo at Rs 2.1 million, receiving around Rs150,000 for each of the big cats.

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The sources said that the authorities recovered a minimal amount as compared to the open market rates where a big cat is worth between Rs3,500,000 to Rs4,000,000.

“Not only that the authorities sold out the lions at a minimal rate, but they also purchased new lions with a cost between Rs8,500,000 to 10,000,000,” they said clearly highlighting the discrepancy.

When ARY NEWS approached the DG Wildlife of Lahore for his comments on the matter, he refused to give his version on the matter.



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