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Karachi’s paranoid gunman turns out to be millionaire, flying instructor

According to details, the man snatched the rifle of a private security guard in Defence Phase-5 area of Karachi and fired multiple shots in air.

The paranoid gunman also remained engaged on phone during the episode, while he also kicked a vehicle parked nearby several times.

Citizens in the posh area of the city pulled over and kept witnessing the drama.

The man also stopped some vehicles harassing the masses by pointing the SMG towards them.

Kashif while forcing vehicles to stop in Defence Phase-5

During all this, citizens were sighted helpless while cops played role of a silent spectator for quite some time.

However, a citizen dared and jumped on Kashif taking hold of him, which prompted the cops to intervene who then thrashed the man and hand-cuffed him.

It is now being revealed that Kashif Chishti is a millionaire, who serves as a flying instructor with a private airliner.

Kashif’s father owns Chishti Petrol Pump and CNG Station located in Defence area, he reportedly opened fire at his family last night which led his father to lodge a case with Darakshan police.

Since last night, there was no news of his whereabouts however the man surfaced in Defence Phase-5 close to his home where he threatened the citizens.

Police said the accused is under custody and a medical check-up of him will be conducted to ascertain whether he is mentally sick or was it drug overdose behind such behavior of him.

Officials also seized a 9mm pistol and SMGs from the accused.

Whatever the case may be, but the man reminded the citizens of Islamabad’s Sikandar who had taken the federal capital into hostage by waving two SMGs in Islamabad’s Red Zone on August 15, 2013.

Sikander paralyzed the capital for hours as it took enough time for law enforces to act against him because of his wife, whom he used as human shield.



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