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Is Kareena Kapoor the reason Bobby Deol failed in Bollywood?

Director Imtiaz Ali’s film Jab We Met was a great hit at the box office and the fans liked the onscreen chemistry between Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor. 

However, not many know that the film was to star Bobby Deol in place of Shahid. The Gupt star was the initial choice of to play the serious Aditya Kashyap, but it was Kareena who suggested Shahid’s name over Bobby’s.

In an interview with Huffington Post over his lost stardom and plans on reviving it, Bobby had revealed “I was to do Jab We Met. Back then, it was titled Geet. I had seen Socha Na Tha and instantly reached out to Imtiaz saying that he’s an incredible storyteller with a terrific future.”

Bobby said he wanted to work with him as had the script of Jab We Met ready and was looking for financiers. He was also in talks with a production house called Ashtivinayak to sign Imtiaz for the film as he had the script ready.

He also agreed to talk to Kareena Kapoor as both had worked together in Ajnabee. However, the studio refused to make the film saying that it was an expensive venture. Later, he took them to his Soldier co-star Preity Zinta who agreed but said she could only do after six months.

Later, they were stuck and Kareena also didn’t meet Imtiaz Ali. After six months, Bobby was shocked after the film was announced as ‘Jab We Met’ with the final cast – Kareena and Shahid Kapoor.

Bobby said he was also to do Highway together with Alia Bhatt but still Imtiaz did his own thing, but insisted he has no hard feelings against him.

“He is a great director and doing so well. We’re still friends. But I always tell him: ‘Imtiaz, I won’t watch any of your films until you make one with me. That’ll be your best film.”

Bobby Deol still regrets the turn of events and believes that if Kareena didn’t reject him in the film, Jab We Met could have been a turning point in his career.



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