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Kashmiris observe another Black Day

Kashmiris are observing Black day today. Kashmir, a piece of heaven on earth, has been on war zone for more than six decades now. Remember, your childhood? When there was no target killing, no metropolis criminal activities, no suicidal bombing and no war on terror but Kashmir only. The solidarity we use to show with our Kashmiri family in past decades was overwhelming. Now the day just comes and goes.

27 October 1947, is that day on history when Indian Army was imposed on Kashmir. Kashmir in 1947 was a Muslim majority which was supposed to fall in Pakistani territory somehow the Raja as the prince of Kashmir namely Maharaja Hari Singh signed a memorandum called Instrument of Accession. According to this he asked the governor general of India to accept the accession and make Kashmir a part of Indian dominion. After this some, one million Indian armed forces were deployed on Kashmiris.  The day when Muslims in Kashmir observe a black day, Hindu minority commemorate the day as Accession Day and celebrate the Indian dominion.

It’s been 64 years that Kashmiris are bearing behemoth of torture, genocide, killing, humiliation, curfews and all kind of harassment.  The Indian armed forces have deliberately killed and tortured million of people which have time to time been reported on international media also. Like, in 2012, Guardian published an article “Mass graves” and UK Channel 4 also released a documentary, telling the untold stories of Indian brutality.

World in all, today is calling itself champion of democracy, striving hard to bring gender equality, giving rights to amateur and disables but when it comes to mastering the rights of Kashmiris, there is a sheer hypocrisy.  On one hand, People in Kashmir are dying on regular basis to earn their right to live freely while there is a complete silence on the other hand, in international community on Indian genocide.



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