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Why Katrina is angry with Salman Khan?

It seems like Katrina Kaif is not happy with Salman Khan’s recent comment on her love life at Arpita’s wedding.

Salman Khan, who recently addressed Katrina Kaif in his sister‘s wedding as Katrina Kapoor  and also made joke about his own offer to Katrina to become Katrina Khan, has caused some serious damage to his equation with the actress. Katrina who was embarrassed by Salman’s act in the party, is fuming in rage and she is no mood to swallow the insult easily. Apparently, Katrina and Ranbir are keeping their personal life under wraps from the glare of media and Salman’s new stunt has given enough material for speculation. The actress is angry with Salman for digging her personal life.

Sources say that Katrina is so miffed that the personal visit of Arpita to apologize did not make her satiated. Looks like Salman would have to make a personal apology to bury the issue.



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