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Katrina Kaif hints at troubling relationship with Ranbir Kapoor?

Ever since actor and her beau Ranbir Kapoor started working with actress Deepika Padukone for their recently released film Tamasha, reports in the Indian media were surfacing that Katrina was a little miffed with her boyfriend for getting too cozy with his ex-flame Deepika. An incident (which Katrina had later denied) was also reported in the media that at the last day of Tamasha‘s shoot, Katrina had barged in on a surprise visit to check on Ranbir and Deepika.
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During the launch of her new movie, Katrina Kaif made some comments which hinted at what was going awry with her relationship with Ranbir.
“It depends who you are in love with. In love, the opposition either comes from an outside force or comes from the person you are in love with. Every relationship and every love story has its own conflict and has different conflicts. Sometimes it can be the conflict of the third party, or conflict of uncertainty, or conflict of afraid of commitment, it can be so many conflicts. So it all depends upon who you are in love with.”

When asked if there were any similarities to her character in Fitoor, this is what she said:-

“Yes, but it is not that you literally translate everything from your own life onto film. But yes, you can use moments of pain in your life to depict that if you need to show that in a film, or moments of happiness or moments of great love you felt, or great sorrow, you can use those moments but doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be exactly the same circumstance.”



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