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School building demolition in Karachi sparks protest

KARACHI: The students along with their teachers and other non-academic staff of a school staged a protest on Friday over demolishing of their school building by Karachi Development Authority (KDA), ARY News reported.

According to our reporter Rabia Khan, the school building at Korangi Crossing, was demolished by KDA staff yesterday where around 200 students were claimed to be enrolled and receiving education. However, the Private School Management Association (PSMA) has confirmed that the school was not registered with the association.

Reinforcing her claims, the school principal – Noureen – came up with some documents suggesting that the land was bought against Rs2.5 million. “The school management did not receive any notice prior to the demolition”, she said while claiming that all documents were valid.

Talking ARY News, the KDA Director Estate and Enforcement, Jameel Ahmed Khan claimed that the building was built on illegal property while construction work was ongoing on the site, refuting the claims that suggest the building was being used as school.

“As per our knowledge, the construction work was ongoing on the site and there was no school there”, the director said.

Denying the school management claims, he further said that a notice was dispatched to persons concerned before demolition.

The school building, Ideal Public School, was built around one-and-half year back.

It should be recalled here that a school building – Jufel Hurst School – in Garden East area of the city was razed to the ground by the land mafia last month. Around 1,000 students were getting education before demolition of the historic building.



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