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Khairpur citizens can’t step outside home because of donkeys!

KHAIRPUR: People of Khairpur are facing an unusual problem these days as number of stray donkeys has significantly increased in the area.

As per details, in the Peer Goth area of district Khairpur, citizens are troubled with the growing number of stray donkeys.

People say these donkeys are seen independently moving in the entire area, and they also eat wheat and vegetables from the shops.

Few people even reported that it has become difficult for them to step outside home owing to the presence of several donkeys.

The locals claimed to have lodged the complaint in this regard with the concerned authorities, however, it has not been resolved yet.

In January this year, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) livestock department announced to set up donkey farms in DI Khan and Mansehra as a part of the export plan.

According to the KP livestock department, the donkey farms will be established with foreign collaboration. “Agreements will be signed with the Chinese government as well as registered companies,” officials of the department said.

During the first phase of export, ailing, weak and paralysed donkeys will be supplied. “In the first three years, 80,000 donkeys will be exported. Donkeys are bred in farms in 2.5 to 3 years,” livestock department officials shared.

“An important breakthrough is expected this year in the plan to export donkeys.”

The provincial department further said, “Chinese companies are interested in donkey farms and foreign companies are ready to invest $3 billion in them.”




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