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Khairpur police throw martyred cop’s family out of his house

KHAIRPUR: In a shocking display of police brutality, police in Khairpur city of Sindh province forcibly threw a martyred cop’s family out of his house, ARY News reported.

A video obtained by ARY News shows a number of Sindh police officers forcing the widow and family members of a martyred cop Hawaldar Bashir Memon out of their house.

The martyred cop’s widow can be seen protesting, crying and begging the policemen not to render her homeless.

With a picture of his late husband in hand, the widow protested and urged the policemen to let her live in the house but to no avail as they crossed all limits and dragged her out of her house.

Eye witnesses say the cops not only forced the cop’s family out of their house but also “looted” valuables present inside the house during the operation.

Area residents say the police is throwing people out of their homes in the area on the behest of some influential figure.

Sindh police is yet to comment on the matter as to under whose orders or what reason the policemen threw Bashir Memon’s family out of their house.



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