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Khalid Shamim and Mohsin Ali have no connection with party: MQM RC

The Frontier Constabulary (FC) today has arrested two suspects from Pak-Afghan border when they were sneaking into Pakistan through Afghanistan. The forces claimed that the suspects belonged to a political party in Karachi.

Following the media reports about the arrest of two, the MQM RC has issued a  statement elucidating that they had no connection with the MQM.

MQM RC further said the authenticity of today’s’ arrest can be made from the fact it had been claimed that these two persons were arrested four years ago and that they were in the custody of a certain agency. But their arrest was public today.

The Co-ordination Committee stated that the two persons had no attachment with MQM, keeping aside the details that when and from where they were arrested, and in whose custody they were held.



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