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Imran aims to kill ‘atmosphere of fear’ in Karachi

“I want to tell people to liberate themselves from fear,” he told a crowded press conference upon his arrival to Karachi.

Flanked alongside Imran Ismail and other PTI leaders, he said he was ready to face be it petals, eggs or tomatoes during his visit to NA-246.

“This is the first sign of change that we are going to Azizabad tomorrow,” said the PTI chief.

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Press manhandling

Khan’s presser was marred for around 10 minutes when some PTI workers attempted to bar certain group of journalists from proceeding towards the dais where Mr. Khan was briefing media persons.

He apologized to journalists for the disorder.

Resuming his media talk after a little hiatus, he said Karachi’s by-election is important as there is an atmosphere of fear in the metropolis.

He said people were not free in Karachi to vote of their choice.

My mother was Urdu speaking, therefore I am also partially Muhajir, he told a press conference here.

Status quo castigation

He said a group of oppressors was ruling the country and PTI raised its voice against that ‘influential segment’.

Khan said several businessmen were leaving Karachi due to atmosphere of terror and law and order problems.

Admonition to MQM

Khan reiterated that legal team of PTI was ready to register case against MQM chief Altaf Hussain in London, if any PTI worker was harmed in Karachi.

He said he would offer Fateha at the monument of martyrs at Jinnah Ground.

Electoral alliance

Imran Khan said PTI would try to forge alliance with Jamaat-e-Islami, adding we would want JI to support PTI.

We will reach an understanding with JI for the upcoming by-polls, said Khan.

Yemen conflict

The PTI chief reiterated his stance that Pakistan must not indulge in Yemen war. He said Saudi Arabia is Pakistan’s friend, but we should play a role of mediator.

Khan told that he would accept the findings of judicial commission formed to probe election rigging.



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