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Imran vows not to spare ones subjecting his workers to torture

Addressing his workers and supporters at D-Chowk Islamabad on Saturday, Imran Khan said that the day is not far when the tyrants will be held accountable for the injured and martyrs of August 31.

He claimed to have seen the dead bodies of two youngsters being shifted to hospital on August 31, adding that the police had tear-gassed the protesters so intensely that many of them were affected with lungs problems.

The skipper said that law enforcers had not even spared the women and equally subjected them to oppression.

He said, “My opponents thought that the people at the sit-in were delicate enough and they will run away soon, yet these delicate masses are here for 108 days and today it is a day of celebration. We will celebrate today and will prepare for tomorrow’s rally”.

Khan reminded the nation of a time when foreigners used to arrive here for the sake of studying, while rest of the regional states closely monitored Pakistan’s economic policies.

The cricketer-turned-politician said that tomorrow he will announce his future strategy, after which it will become difficult for the rulers to remain in power.

Moreover, he vowed not to spare the ones subjecting his workers to torture in Islamabad tomorrow.



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