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Khan claims elections to be held before next Eid

Addressing the participants at the PTI sit-in camp, Imran Khan said when a person becomes a leader by horse-trading, then he has to read out from the leaflets while out of the country, for such man cannot talk on his own.

He also criticized the PPP saying that this never happens that a leader writes a will for his/her son or husband to head the party after his/her demise.

The PTI chief praised Mufti Mehmood and Bacha Khan; however criticized Maulana Fazlur Rahman and Asfandyar Wali Khan questioning on what basis these people were made leaders of their respective parties.

Khan said people come into politics for earning respect, while Almighty Allah had already blessed these figures with enough of everything.

He praised the perseverance of participants of PTI sit-in saying that it is the 52nd day of the demonstration but you people still seem to be in high state of morale, adding that the women and children add up to an amount greater than men at the sit-in.

The cricketer-turned-politician said that the present rulers did not receive political training and so they are unaware of the fact that Pakistan has so many resources that its prime minister needs not to to beg before other states.

Imran Khan felicitated the participants that it is because of you that reforms are being introduced in the country and the people are getting aware of their rights.



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