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Khan urges people not to bow before cruelty, injustice

Addressing a massive public rally here, Imran Khan expressed his happiness after witnessing such a huge crowd at the rally including women and children. He thanked the Almighty Allah for awakening the nation.

Khan said to the participants, “I have come with a message for you not to bow before cruelty and injustice, for a society submitting itself to injustice gets destroyed”.

He vowed to realize his dream of a ‘naya Pakistan’ come what may, adding, “Let us make a new Pakistan then all the issues will be resolved at your doorstep”.

The PTI chairman lamented that the present government is economically killing the farmers and urged them to stand up for their rights like others.

He thanked the people of Mianwali who chose him for the first time as member of the National Assembly and vowed to make his native district prosperous.

Imran Khan said Mianwali will be made an educational city and claimed that a time will come when the masses will turn to Mianwali for acquiring higher education.

He challenged the current rulers to gather as low as 20 percent of crowd which has gathered here today, in order to prove that the last general elections were not rigged.

Referring to Maryam Nawaz’s tweet, he said the daughter of the PM will violate the law by asking PMLN supporters to oppress the people and those who violate laws are supposed to be punished regardless of the fact who they are.

The PTI chairman inquired why the Sharif family is being bothered with the slogan ‘Go Nawaz Go’, if it supports democracy in its true spirit. “No matter what they do, but they can surely not obstruct our way of formation of naya Pakistan”, he added.

Moreover, the skipper vowed to liberate the people from the rule of the tyrants.



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