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Haqqani’s article sparks heated debate in NA

ISLAMABAD: The government and opposition lawmakers were involved in heated arguments in National Assembly session on Wednesday while discussing Hussain Haqqani’s article in a US newspaper.

While shedding light on the matter, Federal Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif termed it a national issue and proposed formation of a parliamentary committee to probe into the matter.

He also urged for an open inquiry into the matter. He went on saying that the former ambassador to the United States (US) has put allegations on two key officials of the country.

The defence minister, while pointing out opposition leader Khursheed Ahmed Shah, said that calling Haqqani a ‘traitor’ , Shah could not turn down his due responsibility. He also accused Interior Minister of previous government  involved in issuing visas to Americans.

Following his speech in NA session, opposition leader Khursheed Ahmed Shah said that Pakistan Peoples’ Party has no objections on action against Haqqani as issues relating to national security should be discussed in the house.

“PPP believes in parliament’s supremacy”, he added.

While pointing out the defence minister, he stated that details of ‘Memogate’ and security lapses should also be discussed.

“The names of people who were in contact with Osama Bin Laden should also be disclosed”, he asked.

Concluding his speech, the leader of the opposition said that a joint parliamentary committee should be formed to probe into the matter.



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