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Khawaja Asif now must know ‘what is sharam and what is haya’, says Fawad Chaudhary

ISLAMABAD: After the Islamabad High Court order declaring Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif disqualified in Iqama case, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is unquestionably the happiest party rejoicing the court decision.

Speaking to media after the court verdict, PTI spokesperson Fawad Chaudhary taunted at the PML-N bigwigs saying, “it’s great to know that along with Ali Baba, his 40 thieves are also getting caught.”

He commended party leader Usman Dar for “effectively pursuing the case against Asif”.

“Now Kh Asif will know what is ‘sharam’ and what is ‘haya’,” remarked the PTI leader in reference to Asif’s popular jibe at the PTI chairman in the assembly that later became associated as ‘signature line’ of the [now disqualified] foreign minister.

Usman Dar, who had filed a plea against Asif that resulted in disqualification of the PML-N minister, said “Kh Asif ridiculed Imran Khan & Shireen Mazari on floor of the house, defamed SKMH and insulted Pakistani public after Panama papers too. What went around is finally coming around.”

“Kh Asif ridiculed my leader Imran Khan in assembly. That’s the day I decided I will get this person ousted out of the assembly,” said emotionally charged Dar.

He thanked Jahangir Tareen for guiding him during this case. Tareen was also disqualified by the court under Article 62(1)(f) because of his misstatement regarding the ownership of the Hyde House property and failure to declare it in his nomination papers.

On April 10, a larger bench of the high court had reserved its verdict over the petition filed by PTI member Usman Dar, seeking disqualification of the foreign minister for concealing the facts about holding an Iqama [foreign work permit] of United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The bench was hearing the petition filed by Usman Dar, announced its decision today as the notice was already issued to all parties concerned.

During the last hearing, the court inquired that how a person doing a full-time job could oversee a ministry in Pakistan. To this, Asif’s counsel said that his client was working for a Dubai-based bank before elections.



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